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The Roofing Company has specialized in installing quality residential and commercial roofs in the mountains for over 41 years. The feature that makes us different is that we are exceptional in our knowledge and execution of alpine roofing. Our staff, who live and breathe the mountains, understands that incorporating mountain-specific designs, materials, and craftsmanship is integral to building a roof that withstands extreme high-altitude conditions and rapid climate changes. Others show up from different places, claiming to have experience building and servicing within alpine communities, but at the end of the day they will climb into their trucks and head back to the city while we remain. Since 1976, thousands of customers in Grand, Eagle, Routt and Summit Counties have trusted The Roofing Company for quality roofs.

At The Roofing Company, quality and safety go hand in hand. We maintain the highest possible safety standards in the industry in order to protect you and your investment, now and in the future. Every staff member is taught to follow strict safety guidelines and procedures that reduce potential risk to employees and limit customer exposure. As a result, The Roofing Company has been awarded numerous industry safety awards. The Roofing Company is protected by a liability insurance policy and Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

"Always make sure your roofer is fully insured; it’s not worth the risk.” – Jeff Johnston, President 

The Roofing Company is very involved with 'building science' and educating on how buildings perform in the mountains. We take a completely different view of how roofs should be designed to perform based on each individual homes’ conditions.