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Colorado Residential and Commercial 
Custom Roofing Fabrication & Finishes



Snow Retention

Want something a little different than the factory made? Try our custom snow fence. It can be professionally installed and fabricated. Keep your roof healthy and looking good during those snowy winter months. 

Chimney Shrouds

To help protect your chimney from wind and to bring a more aesthetic quality to your roof, consider installing one of our custom chimney shrouds. They are handcrafted for each chimney to ensure a perfect fit. Each shroud can range in material, grading, mesh, expanded metals; etc- Please call for more information.

Chimney and Pipe crickets

A cricket is a structure build on the uphill side which has 2 valleys and a small ridge built in it to divert ice and snow protecting your chimney, vents, flue stacks, stove pipes, roof pipe jacks and satellite dishes from ice and snow ripping them off.  The Roofing Company custom fabricates and installs crickets to accommodate all shapes and sizes using 24 gauge steel.


  • Paint - Many different options with custom color matching available.
  • Patina - Don’t wait decades to achieve the warmth and unique character of patina. Through an accelerated process, we can install patina metal today that would normally take 25 years or more to form.
  • Clear Coating - A clear protective coating which provides protection for metal from scratches, tarnish, corrosion and oxidation. Clear coating seals the metal finish and protects the color from weathering.
  • Powder Coating - Applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. More durable and much thicker coatings than conventional liquid paint.
  • Polished Metals - Finishing process that polishes custom designs and patterns directly onto the metal surface.