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Residential & Commercial Metal Roofs For Colorado

The Colorado mountain environment demands specialized roofing designs that protect your home while creating a style that is beautiful and timeless. Metal roofing provides both protection and timeless beauty. At The Roofing Company we are specialists in all types of metal roofing. The benefits offered by today's metal roofs allow homeowners to upgrade their homes with products of lasting value. While other roofing materials diminish in value as they age, the metal roofs we install provide the following benefits:

  • Proven performance 50+ years
  • Beautiful style and color options
  • Interlocking panels provide maximum wind resistance
  • Fire resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Low weight to preserve structural integrity and life

A metal roof is a premium roof system that adds value to your most important investment (your home) and they are virtually maintenance-free. The Roofing Company will professionally install your new metal roof to our exacting standards to provide lasting beauty and protection for you and your home. Another benefit of a metal roof is that your home will be comfortable, regardless of the weather outside, and can actually lower your heating and air conditioning bills! Remember a metal roof is a premium product that requires more skilled application for installation and our team has the skills, tools and experience to install a metal roof that will exceed your expectations.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated Metal Roofs

A corrugated metal roof is a structural sheet of metal that is shaped in parallel furrows and ridges for strength and durability

Corrugated Metal Roof Types

Pre-finished - galvanized sheet that has a Kynar painted finish, which is available in many different color options.
Pro-Panel & Rugged Rib- panels are formed at high tensile strength, 26-guage steel, which is then protected with a Galvalume Coating. A state of the art siliconized polyester paint system is then applied, providing a limited paint warranty.


Standing Seam Roofs

Standing Seam

The term standing seam is used to refer to almost any kind of metal roof panel with a raised vertical seam. Strictly speaking, however, it only indicates those metal panels that interlock or are seamed together vertically, above the panel's pan. Standing Seam can be used as architectural elements to highlight roof aesthetics and accent a building's architecture, or add structural characteristics to the metal roof.

Standing Seam Roof Types:
Architectural - usually installed on steeper slopes with relatively shorter panel lengths.
Structural - are versatile metal panel systems that can be used on both steep and low sloped roofs and are designed to be water resistant.

Custom Metal

Custom Metal Roofs

The Roofing Company can customize any piece of metal from standing seam to cold rolled by using different rusting agents as well as using our state the art metal shop to fabricate any metal to fit the needs of your home.

Custom Metal Types:
Copper - offers an endless assortment of architectural possibilities because of its long term durability, value retention, and freedom of maintenance
Zinc - used for centuries in Europe and is relatively new in America. • Zinc is durable, flexible, and malleable and has longevity. Zincs characteristics make it a great material to enhance and expand the creativity of any homeowner.
Patina Pre-Treated Rusting - whether it's standing seam panels, corrugated panels or most any other cold steel product, we can customize a rusted panel to fit your needs.
Metal Clad (copper clad) - asphalt that has a metal cover over the top of the shingle.

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