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Custom Patina Metal Craftsmanship

For centuries, craftsmen have used copper for its durability, resistance to corrosion, prestigious appearance and ability to form complex shapes. Today, copper has earned a respected reputation in building and roofing systems due to its outstanding attributes and colors. 

A unique standout in the roofing industry, The Roofing Company has over 41 years of experience in working with customized metal roofing systems including copper, corten, zinc, both raw & manufacturer painted steel, etc.  The manual process of patination allows the product to gain a particular look, color, and feel.  Chemically inducing patina is a demanding process which requires distinctive craftsmanship and experience. The extensive techniques used are subject to time, humidity, surface preparation, UV availability, and several other variables.

A true patina is not a surface paint, but rather a chemical reaction which allows a premature aging of the material to gain a desired finish. Variations in color and pattern will occur with each patina finish, more in some than others. The unique variation, however, allows a natural flow of the combined finishes when viewed with the naked eye. Don’t wait decades to achieve the warmth and unique character of Patina. Now you can get the color and look you want. We have the expertise and processes to offer Patina finishes in greens, blue-greens, blues, violet and a host of other color combinations.

Variables Affecting Patina Results

  • Composition of the metal.
  • Patina formula used.
  • Purity of chemicals and water used.
  • Surface preparation including oil and oxidation removal and thoroughness of washing.
  • Method of application:

 Hot Process (hot solution, hot metal, hot rinse water).

 Cold Process (cold solution, cold metal, cold rinse water)

While The Roofing Company makes every effort to limit variations with each panel, we make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the consistent results since variations incolor and pattern will occur and is part of the expected process