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Roof Snow Removal and Management For Colorado Mountain Roofs

       Read HomeLink Magazine's Winter Article on Mountain Roof Snow Removal by Jeff Johnston, owner and CEO of The Roofing Company.

Heat Cables

Heat Cables

Heat cable, usually installed on a roof over the eaves and in gutters and down spouts, allows for water to drain through ice dams that frequently form on homes in the mountains. These ice dams, which usually form over eaves because there's little heat in those areas, can trap water from melting snow that accumulates higher up on the roof. Once trapped, that water can accumulate and infiltrate through roofs into a home, causing major damage to the interior.  The Roofing Company offers engineered & manufactured Byline heated roof edge systems.

Snow Brackets

Snow Brackets

Snow brackets are part of a snow retention system used to prevent damage due to the sliding of snow and ice masses that accumulate on roofs during winter months in alpine regions. As snow accumulates and is retained on a roof, it serves as an insulating blanket to promote energy efficiency. Retaining snow on the roof allows even snow melt-off, saving money and limiting the possibility of personal loss.

Snow Fence

Snow Fence

In alpine regions where snow and ice accumulate in large amounts, snow fences are needed to prevent the movement of upper layers of rooftop snow masses. When combined with properly engineered snow bracket or snow guard systems, TRA-Mage's snow fences are an effective means of retaining snow on a roof. Our snow fences come in a variety of attractive styles. TRA-Mage also makes Custom Snow Fences. Snow Fences are available in copper, paint-lock steel, and painted steel.

Snow Gems

Snow Clips

The holding power of Sno-Barricade snow guards comes from the innovative Gem Clamp - an engineered functional form. Its unique design raises the bar to create an efficient, snow-stopping profile. Easy to install, Sno-Barricade snow guards are designed for new or existing standing seam roof systems. They fit all standard and most custom profiles.


Alpine Snow Guards

Snow Guards are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground. Alpine Snow Guards prevent damage caused by avalanching snow and ice while enhancing the beauty of any roofing system. Historically used with slate roofs, snow guards are a practical, cost-effective addition to any sloped roof in cold-weather areas.


Snow Removal

 At The Roofing Company we have four decades of experience on rooftops in all weather conditions in the mountains. It is dangerous to be working up on a snow-covered roof.  Our experienced tradesmen have a high standard of care when removing snow and ice from your roof.  The extra consideration taken by TRC can save thousands of dollars in damage mitigation alone.

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