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Underlayment For Colorado Mountain Roofs

Residential and Commercial Roof Underlayment

Roof UnderlaymentA roofing underlayment is typically a rubberized membrane that goes under shingles to prevent water penetration. It is the one piece of a roofing system that is expressly designed to be waterproof. Without a self-adhered underlayment, water from wind-driven rain or ice dams can infiltrate under your shingles and severely damage your roof—or even worse, the inside of your home.

TRC has noticed over time that rubberized or asphalt based peel and stick underlayments with either manufacturers like Grace or Weatherlock Flex through Owens Corning have proven themselves for years and continue to prove themselves in our mountain conditions. Manufacturers will produce products for the masses, but with our unique mountain conditions, one has to try various materials, test them and insure the products are performing the best they possibly can. These are some of the benefits of peel and stick underlayments.

  • Easy to apply (peel and stick) membrane seals around problem areas
  • Sticks to a roof better than any other product
  • Protects to ultra-high temperatures, typically 250 degrees
  • Helps keep wind-driven rain and backed-up water due to ice dams from penetrating your roof (considering ventilation and building science)
  • Prevents leaks around flashing areas. (Vents, valleys, etc.)
  • Seals around nails
  • Has a non-slip walking surface
  • Provides dual barrier protection
  • Protects under almost all roofs
Keep in mind building science is a key factor to a healthy building in the mountains, not just the material. A building must breathe and have convection to properly allow these products to work in our Alpine conditions. The Roofing Company would recommend speaking with a professional about additional items to make sure you have an effective building that is performing properly

Grace Ice and Water Shield
Owens Corning Ice and Water Shield