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Roof Venting For Colorado Mountain Buildings

Cold Roof Venting

In cold weather areas, particularly in mountain regions that experience very heavy snowfall, the cold roof system is recommended. The idea behind a cold roof system is to allow a constant flow of cold air above the insulation but below the roofing material. Allowing cold air to circulate prevents snow on the roof from melting when the outside temperature is 22* F or colder. When it is warmer than 22*F outside; melted water that is on the roof usually will not refreeze on the cold eaves.

Manufacture and Standard Ridge Vent

Ridge Vents help provide proper ventilation underneath the roof deck to help prevent condensation and help reduce ice buildup.  We commonly use Owens Corning Ventsure or GAF Cobra Vent.

Structural Ridge Vent

A structural framed ridge mounted ventilation system on a house or building that allows proper ventilation to occur. The Roofing Company will flash and roof the vent to match the existing roof system. The structural ridge vent allows air exhaust out of the ventilation cavity.