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Hot Sulphur Springs Colorado Roofing Contractor

Eagle County Roofing ContractorThe Roofing Company has been providing professional roofing services to Hot Sulphur Springs for over 35 years. We specialize in quality roof repair and installation services for the mountain environment. Our roofs are designed to provide lasting protection and beauty through years of rain snow and ice. 

Hot Sulphur Springs Roof Repair

Whether you're building a mountain home, need quality roof accessories, or are in need emergency roof repairs, The Roofing Company provides expert service with the highest quality roof materials.  We install metal, asphalt and composite roofs designed to to withstand the heavy snow, ice and extreme cold of the Colorado mountains.

Hot Sulphur Springs Roof Accessories

To enhance the beauty and add additional protection to your home or resort building, The Roofing Company installs beautiful and durable gutters, downspouts, chimney caps and snow guards designed to beautify and protection. Our team can also provide custom design and fabrication custom tailored to your application.

We are the mountain roofing experts, specializing in the following services:

Flat Roofs
TPO, EPDM, Fibertite and Green Roofs
Metal Roofs
Corrugated, Standing Seam and Custom
Shingle Roofs
Asphalt, Composite and Steel
Roof Accessories
Gutters, Downspouts, Chimney Caps, Chimney Shrouds, Flashing, Soffit, Fascia
Snow Management
Heat Cables, Snow Brackets, Snow Fence and Snow Gems
Solar Roofing
Roof Insulation
Open Cell, Closed Cell and Blow-in
Roof Repair
Roof Waterproofing
Foundation  and Crawlspace Encapsulation
Roof Welding

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